Cheap dvd-r blank discs?

hello. does anyone know where/ who sells cheap blank dvds?? thanks !


just search the CD Freaks Bargain Basement Forum and you’ll find what you need :wink:


This is an international forum.

When you ask a question like that, you should tell us where you live (country, perhaps state or city).

You can also put this information permanently into your profile by going to the User CP (Control Panel), Edit Profile, and entering the information in the Location field (Where you live).

It won’t do you any good to know where you can buy cheap blank DVDs in Copenhagen or Sydney, if you are located in e.g. New York! :wink:

If you are in the UK, try here;

It’s the cheapest I’ve found

also a word of caution: not all discs are made equally.

there’s nothing worng with looking for a deal, but look for sales not consistently low pried bottom of the barrel junk.

when i first started, i figured discs were all the same and bought whatever was cheap. BAD IDEA! i had to reburn EVERYTHING within 3 months because nothing was readable!

pay special attention to taiyo tuden and verbatim sales. those are considered top of the line by a majority of forum members and verbs are on sale this week at best buy (if you’re in the US–you never stated where you were from).

if you choose no-name media, be sure to keep an eye out for deterioration. (reliable source for taiyo yuden discs) (for verb sale)

cool!! thanks allot! im from the u.s by the way, california. i totoaly forgot to write that.

also, is sony, memorex, tdk ok brands to use??

As a general rule you can use anything made in Japan. Usually these are all good. Taiyo Yuden is one of my favorites. Also you can try verbatim (another of my favorites) but it is made in Taiwan. Memorex is not a good brand. And i havent had a lot of luck with TDK either. Both seem to give me a fifty fifty chance of a new coaster to add to my collection. I havent tried any sony so i cant give advice on that. But since you are in the US keep your eye on best buys and office max sale papers. Some times they give sales on fifty pack spindles of Verbatims for fifteen or twenty dollars. In fact i think best buy is running one this week in my area. NC

TDK are generally OK, Sony (in my experience) are mediocre most of the time, but can be good (if Made in Japan), and Memorex, I’d stay far, far away from :bigsmile:

As H3rB3i recommended, keep your eye on the Bargain Basement forum for good deals, since you’re in the US :slight_smile:

hey thanks :slight_smile:
what about frys electronics, they have there own brand its called GQ. anyone try it???

fish as a lot of others have said cheap media is not good. It is a false economy, you may end up loosing important stuff and not realise until it is too late. TYs and Verbatims are the best around at the moment, if you want to store important data use these. If you just want to make a back up of a movie you own or you want to experiment with different methods of backing up movies then use the cheap ones, but with the knowledge they may become unreadable in less than a year.

I think you should stay away from the GQ brand. I personally recommend buying the “value” TY -R disks from an online retailer like supermediastore or shop4tech. Right now, shop4tech has 100 for $29 and 200 for $56 both with free shipping.

Adding to what ^ says if you live in the U.K you should have a look at SVP I find them to be excellent.

Here is a link for you

The OP is from the US, though I definitely agree that for us UK users, SVP is the place to shop. :iagree:

Sorry I did not know :o I did not read all of the posts :o

Don’t be sorry! It’s kinda buried in the thread a bit :bigsmile:

no cheepo brands. got it. cool thanks. :slight_smile: so just wondering, how does it detereorate in less than a year? what happnes to the disc? it does that by itself or if you play it too much?? how does it work exacley??

If you can but them online get these

They just tend to degrade by themselves, despite how you may store it etc (as in the case of the infamous Ritek G05).

One day they could be working fine, the next, completely unreadable. In most cases the deterioration is a gradual process. Some discs go South quicker than others.

But most of the time, that’s with the cheaper discs. As the saying goes - “buy cheap, buy twice”. :wink: