Cheap DVD media -- disaster

As a professional digital photographer I have to have adequatete backups, archives and recovery mechanisms. I’ve been using all formats of DVD media over the last 2 years – CD’s in my job are too small – a typical file straight from the camera is around 12 MB. This converts to around 30 MB Tiff file and by the time the image is ready for printing it could be up to 90-100 MB so CD’s won’t hack it for me.

So to keep costs down I’ve been looking at cheaper DVD media.
I’ve been using DVD’s of various formats for around 2 years now without any problems so I though I’d look at some cheaper one’s
I tried some cheap blue RICOH DVD+RW discs – what a disaster.

5 of them from 2 different batches gave horrible errors

Never again.

The Philips one’s seem the best if I’m using DVD+RW media.