Cheap dvd burners at tigerdirect, should I buy?

I dont know much about dvd burners, so I’m wondering if these are good deals:

Is Benq a better brand than IO Magic? is that going to be a good burner? any advice? :slight_smile:

well seems like liteon is much better than any of these. but still which one of these liteons is better?
the 411s or the 811s? the 811s has better specifications, but is it necessary better than the 411s?
also, I’m looking at them at Is it a good place for buying DVD burners?

Look at resellerratings to get an idea of tigerdirect. There have been many reports of bad transactions with them, and even a few people who accuse them of selling information given by their customers.

They have a bad rep on many sites that I visit.

Newegg is a very good site. You might also look at Mwave, zipzoomfly or accupc.

Depending on your budget, most will recommend the Plextor 8x burner and the Pioneer A06 (or the OEM version). The Lite-Ons seem popular around here as well, since you can use K-Probe with them.