'Cheap' DVD burner...guess how much from this shop?



Look at the price :eek: http://www.morecomputers.co.uk/extra.asp?pn=GSA4163BA&referer=dealtime


Wow. :eek: What do they get for a plextor?





Can you believe that thier are people out thier that will actually pay that because they don’t know any beter?


It’s a disgrace isn’t it? I was thinking they had the decimal point in the wrong place but the figures there won’t work out.


Ah ppl look:
PLEXTOR DVD Combo (+/-) drive/16xDVD+R, 8xDVD+RW, 16xDVD-R, 4xDVD-RW, 16xDVD-Rom, 4xDVD+R DL, 48xCD-R, 24xCD-RW, 48xCD-Rom IDE internal Bulk (NO SW) - 10pack

Another company I use (eBuyer) charges the same… Just bad labeling.



Well, to me it looks like 10pk




I only just looked at this thread… and when I clicked on the hyperlinks I just about did a spit-take all over my computer! They can’t be serious… can they?


Thanks for the links guys just ordered the lot :bigsmile:


I was using dealtime.co.uk and the majority of the rest were singular items.


and for that price :rolleyes: they don’t even include the software :eek: :frowning: