Cheap DVD Blanks

I,ve just finished using my last of 50 Hyundai Dvdr x 8 blanks and never had a problem. Infodisc make them so it seems they do a good job. I’m now trying some sony 16d1 from taiwan so far so good. I read the original dvd to be copied in a Liteon reader and then burn on a Pioneer 108. I have burnt a lot of discs and have had a 99.99% siuccess rate. Dvd Shrink and Nero 6 seem to work fine. The only discs I haven’t or wont try is the oddly named chinese ones, but what the heck I might see what they’re like one day, any suggestions?

Yes buy decend quality ones, you only get what you paid for initial burn success is not the only thing to go buy you also have to take into account longevity. Go and have a look in the media section of the forum, it has a lot of discussions on media.

Even 100% success rate for burning says nothing really about the burn quality.

you’ve been very lucky so far although i wouldn’t want to see the quality scans of those cheap-o discs.

i’ll never skimp on media again. i learned the hard way.

What, you’re not even slightly curious to see scans? :bigsmile:

I too learned the hard way (with Ritek G05, and several Infodiscs)…I’ll never go cheap now, either. :slight_smile: