Cheap dual layer DVD+-R?

Are there any good DL DVD-R that’s relatively cheap? (Let’s say under $30 for 50 disc) I’m going to be using them for non-critical data back ups, I know I could burn it on single layer discs but just want to see if I can save some space. TIA.

No, unless you find something on clearance somewhere the only DL discs that will come close to that will produce quite a few coasters and lots of pretty scans.

No unfortunately not, well sometimes you can find them that cheap but generally they will all be crap. 50% success rate. So that in reality makes them cost twice as much…

You’re best off to get Verbatim +R DL media when it’s on special (if that ever happens lol). Verbatim are the only DL you can pretty much trust not to make coasters. Make sure the Verbatim DL media is Made in Singapore.

It’s better to resort to using SL media only unless you absolutely must use DL Eg. Making backups of console games that need DL media to work.

  1. I’d caution against using DL media for data backups. They are OK for video because the transition layer produces a slight delay anyway when the laser refocuses, but a sudden burst of errors anywhere in data should be avoided. Redundancy reduces the chance of problems, but I’d reserve DL for video.

  2. DL media are very expensive because: A) there is a lot of waste in throwing out the photo-polymer stamper; B) yields are poorer than regular discs; and C) production quantities are not high enough yet to reduce costs. 8X DL discs are commonly using the inverse stack method of production to avoid having to waste the temporary photo-polymer stamper and to prevent debris and bubbles from getting into the layer sandwich. Yields improve with IS, and costs go down dramatically. However, early DL drives and many later model DL drives have problems recording IS discs unless their write strategies are properly designed for them. This has given IS a bad reputation as “cheaper quality” that is undeserved. If DL costs are to come down, IS is the one way to do it. It means that consumers may have to buy new drives, but the return on investment will be quick if one uses a lot of DL discs.

Agreed. :iagree:

For data I’d always choose SL. Means more discs, but for my peace of mind that’s not a problem.

You can always get double sided discs. Ritek double sided is a better bet then any cheap DL media. Granted labeling can be a hassle, but 45-50 cents a disc isn’t too bad. If you go that route I’d stick to the 8x DVD+R discs they sell. Ultimately you get 9.4gb per disc instead of 8.5 on a DL anyway, you just have to flip it. So far they seem to be decent quality for me although I’m watchin the scans.

Thanks, it seems like DL is not the way to go then. I just want to save some space and the hassel of splitting certain files that will not fit on a single layer DVD-R.

chaosoffar2k, is the new Ritek’s quality good? I bought some Office Depot branded RitekF1, they were not too good. But if they are good, any links to where I can buy them for cheap? Thanks.

Have you tried ImgBurn in build mode? You need software to find a good layer break.

Well, Ritek +R hasn’t had the problems their -R(G04, G05) have had. I’m gonna say it depends on your burner, my 1640 will neither write well to them or scan them well, at least if my Liteys burn them. Burning @ 6x on the Liteys under 1k PIF, jitter in the 8s(never over 10), PIE generally under 100k(50-60k alot). Now alot of my burns aren’t full discs but the few that are or are close didn’t seem to scan to bad, the BenQ even liked the ones my Pio 111L burned although my 6S Litey didn’t like them as much. I’ve burned 20 or so out of a 50pc spindle and hit my first junk disc(could see the bad dye spot before the burn). If you wanna see a couple full burns on a specific drive I have I’ll sacrifice a disc or two =) I can say my 203B seems to do a worse job then the Liteys.

I have an Emprex and a Maddog burner, neither of them burned the RitekF1 well, but they both burned the RitekG04 very well. So are these dual sided DVD-R more like the Go4 or the F1? Thanks.

They’re an older media code(where as F1 is pretty new) so compatability should be good. I bought mine from Meritline:

How’s the longevity of those Ridata dual sided DVD+R? Will they degrade quickly like the Ritek G05? Thanks.

With 99% of available burner they even wont burn acceptable, so its a waste anyway.

Won’t even perhaps? Ritek single layer DVDs tend to be pretty well supported and the DVD+R haven’t been known to have the problems with degrading the -R have. It seems you once again failed to read the post and thought he was talking about DL Riteks, not double sided single layer DVDs. You’d think with as many posts as you have you’d know to read a post before replying.

I wouldn’t burn them at 8x but the only 8x media I tend to burn at 8x is T02 or TYG02. At 6x the burns are at least decent in all my burners I’ve tried them in. I answered the rest of your question above.

The thread is about burnable dvd9, still.
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I was originally asking about DL media, my reason for going DL is to save space. But since there’s no good cheap DL media, dual side seems to be the way to go. But I just want to know if the Ridata dual sided DVD+R is any good. If I burn these at 4x, would the quality be ok? Thanks.

It depends on the compatibility with the drive you intend to use. If the drive is compatible, you should have no problem. If the drive is incompatible and the default write strategy is insufficient, you may end up with recordings that work initially and then fail within a year.