Cheap double-sided 9.4 GB DVDR media?

What is the best cheap double-sided DVDR media?

“cheap” and “double sided” are mutually exclusive, and you take what you can get cause it’s rare. Rima has a couple HERE

Obviously, 2 high-quality single-sided discs are cheaper than one double-sided.

These discs are cheap, but the quality is unknown. link If you get Optodisc as the original poster did, they may be decent.

Meh. Given the price, I would rather just spend the extra money and buy a quality D/L disc. Something about being really easy to get fingerprints on and lack of writing space has put me off of these, not to mention that you really aren’t saving anything from swapping out two single layer discs.

I bought the Matrix ones.

Matrix DS 9.4gb

I just got the Matrix discs (made by optodisc) and maybe I got a bad batch, but they are just awful. The scans were the worst I’ve ever seen, and they are unreadable after they are burned. So I’m thinking of these now:

Are these better?

BTW why don’t more manufacturers make these?

What burner and firmware version are you using? I’m not about to suggest Optodisc makes great discs, but the results you get with lesser media varies greatly depending on burner/firmware used.

They are probably not commonly made because they are kind of a niche product with little demand, are more expensive to produce, are not as convenient as you have nearly zero writing surface, have disadvantages vs. Dual Layer (have to flip disc, writing surface, all data on one side, etc.), etc.

Depending on your burner/firmware version, your burner may be at least as much to blame as the media, even if they aren’t the greatest of discs.

Test at 5x, not Maximum, with NEC burners. Scan looks horrible but scan at 5x like I said. NECs are usually good with cheaper media, although I would suggest using ‘Liggy and Dee’s’ latest modified firmware. You may never get great results out of the discs, but you may at least be able to come up with a useable solution. Otherwise, you may need to move on to Single Layer or consider if Dual Layer will work for you. Also, what burn speed did you use for these discs? You should probably be burning at 4x, but your results will vary depending on the firmware/burner/media used.