Cheap CD manufacturers

Hi Guys, I hope someone will be able to help me on this forum. Im looking to find a cheap CD manufacturer (not cdr) who can press upto atleast 40,000 to 60,000 music cds. My budget is only £2000.00 (not alot i know) Im hoping to find a manufacturer anywhere in the world who might be able to help me. Please could someone asist me. Thankyou In advance.

Do you want protection on them, or simply cd’s?
Data or Audio or other?

Wats the difference if I dont have protection on them ? are majority of the music cds these days with protection ? Im looking to have 2 audio songs on the cds. Hope you can help more with this info. Do you know anyone in particular who might be able to do this ? Just to mention once again I dont want cdr’s as Im looking to have them distributed to various music shops.

ill find u some

i dont think u will find that many any where for what u want to spend,maby but i dont think here is a few places that do stuff…CD ROM 2 GOOCTAVE… this nest one is prob the best bet they have a option of up to 10000 marked plus im sure they will all do more but even for 10000 its like .39 each check them out WTS . I hope one of them helps.

Thankyou so much guys. I really appreciate all the help. If you find anything else please let me know.