Cheap CD & Cover Printer required


I hope this question hasn’t been asked a million times. I tried google to no avail.

I need to print alot of CDs and Covers that look good but I dont want to pay mega £££$$$ for refills.

I currently have a Canon IP6600 which dose a good job of printing at good quality but it has chipped cartridges and I’ve tried 3rd party refills + picking of the chip etc and it all seems alot of agro.

Can anyone suggest a printer that can provide the following

Cheap Refills which go straight in the printer and are seen as ok!
Photo Printing needs to be average or better on Glossy Paper
Print onto CDs
Printer not too expensive.

I hope this isnt the holy grail.


(Agent 47)

Hasn’t been asked a million times, but maybe 100.

Stay with what you have, unless you want a smaller unit. If you can track down a IP4500 or MP610, they have fewer tanks and are thus cheaper to run.

There are several ink sellers offering compatible tanks with chips that will work fine for you. Amazon carries them. But unless you can find one of the previous Canon models, what you have is the cheapest to run.

Cheers for the reply.

I dint realise they did 3rd party chipped cartridges that’s the best way. Dont suppose anybodys got recomendation for one.

Glad i didnt buy a pup printer after all. :slight_smile: