Cheap CD blanks



Does anybody have an opinion on cheap CD blanks, compared to well known brands. I can get 100 for about $15 to$ 18 dollars of the cheap ones. The brand name ones go for twice that. The cheap ones seemed to work fine. What do you say?:bigsmile:


Maybe this belongs in the media forum.
In the USA, go for fujifilms. They’re cheap at best buy, and rebates are usually out there. Can’t beat the Taiyo quality of fuji’s. If you see Made in Japan, go for it.


There are quite some differences between cheap and expensive media… often cheap media are of a lower quality than expensive media.


  • durability
  • stability
  • max. recording speed
  • scratch resistance

etc etc…

I use quite a lot of those cheap discs (Platinum, Speerdata, SilverCircle) and don’t have much problems with them, Especially Platinum works good for me. But then again, they are mainly used for backup purposes, so the retention time is very low…


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