Cheap but useful DVD Players

Hello all,

I have tried to search for a thread that talks about DVD players for my television, but did not have luck.

I wanted to know if you have any recommended DVD players that are cheap but practical. In particulaur, I am looking for:

  1. One that can play +/- R/RWs
  2. Decent quality picture
  3. MP3s (perhaps)

Would also appreciate any thoughts on what you sacrifice with a cheaper DVD player.

One DVD player I was eyeing was CyberHome CH-DVD 300/S DVD Player (SKU: CHDVD300S).

Thanks in advance!

a great site for checking out dvd players is

Just click on the BD, HD-DVD and DVD player section on the left of the page and fill out your seach criteria. You can read individual reviews on each player. Just a note: not all player will be availble as some are only released in Europe/Asia/Americas, I think.

You don’t really have to sacrifice much with a cheaper player. I guess DivX support hasn’t saturated into the cheap player market, but disc compatibility, picture quality, progressive scan, MP3 and JPG playback… These are all common features in even a $30 model. The CyberHome is a pretty darn popular model, and will do everything you specified.

Thanks a lot. Another question. Will I require DivX compatability to allow it to play compressed videos I backup from DVDShrink?