Cheap and cheerful liteon for kprobe scanning only?

Ive only just recently become involved in the production of DVDs, Im using a (dare I say it in this forum!?) Pioneer 108 to burn media but would like to be able to verify the quality of the burns on the different media I have at hand.

Kprobe seems to be the best ‘consumer’ solution available but what drive should I go for, I dont need all the latest writing features but the ability to check dual layer discs would be cool. Is there any drive better than the others for checking as opposed to writing?

I apologise if this has been covered in a FAQ or other post but I couldnt find any specific info…thanks for any help in advance, and I look forward to joining the Liteon gang :slight_smile:


For various reasons that I won’t go into here, I am gradually shifting my testing from Kprobe to CDSpeed Disc Quality Test. I am noticing a lot of others here in the forums are making the same switch.

I primarily test with a Liteon 1213S flashed to 1633S, presently using the BYX2 Sony firmware. It rips very quickly, does a good job of running quality scans, and even writes very nicely at 8x on JPNR01 and PRODISCR03 media.

Another good candidate would be the Benq 1620. Excellent writing quality on +R media, and also writes very well on high-quality -R media. Seems to be a good scanner using CDSpeed, and the results at 8x are almost as good as at 4x, which will save you some time.

Thanks Henry for the prompt reply.
For forum database completeness, and any other newbie wandering through to this post, here’s a list of compatible drives with CD-speed disc quality check test.

Is the jitter measurement ommited by the Liteons but supported by the Benqs as important as the PI/PO scanning?

Since the topic relates to LiteOn drives, I would recommend finding a cheap 832S if you can. It might also be able to actually burn some discs too. :wink: It’s one of the better readers.

As to jitter, some will argue that it’s pretty worthless information, as you will never see it rise until after the PI does. No, it’s not really needed. If you’re into large volume production, the ADER/ATER tests might also be worth looking into in Kprobe. That seems to give an indication of how well the drive is playing with a specific media.

The 832S is a good drive. I’d say either: 832S, 1213S, or 1633S.

BTW, welcome to the forum!