Chatting and posting in languages other than English



Usually I am very understanding and tolerant with people posting in Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and all kinds of other languages as long as I do not have to delete and close the threads myself. However, I thought everyone at least agreed on that this was an English and international site. Though CDFreaks IRC chat room is not really part of the CDFreaks website, and not even hosted and serviced through CDFreaks servers, the chat room is still part of the CDFreaks community activities.

<dansmug> nee, dat was iemand anders denk ik :slight_smile:
<dansmug> wel funny :smiley:

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    <Wannez> hmm
    <Wannez> kheb eigl nog twee slpk vrij
    <Wannez> :slight_smile:
    <dansmug> :smiley:
    <Wannez> maar 't zal nog een karwei worden om m’n vriendin te overtuigen
    <Wannez> want ik sluit GEEN compromis
    <Wannez> :stuck_out_tongue:
    <dansmug> hahaha
    <D1NK-> :slight_smile:
    <Kennyshin> hmm… if u continue to type in non-English, I’ll type in Korean.
    <Wannez> be my guest :slight_smile:
    <dansmug> it’s not that anyone would join your conversation :stuck_out_tongue:
    <Kennyshin> as if I were the only South Korean? :wink:
    <Wannez> there are plenty actually
    <Kennyshin> most South Koreans don’t post because of the language.
    <Wannez> in south korea, that is
    <Wannez> :slight_smile:
    <dansmug> hehe
    <Kennyshin> OK, I’ll just protest about it formally.

Unfortunately, that is not the first time I noticed such a behavior. From what I see, it is not only rude and against the general forum rules, but worse. Unacceptable.

Question is, is it going to be like that? Is the IRC room considered outside of CDFreaks responsibility that is self-regulated by the participating chatters themselves with no special status and rights? Everyone seems to have the OP status and quite many beside the Management, admins, and moderators seem to execute some actions that should have been normally reserved for the controlling chatters. Too many people seem to change their nicknames too frequently, sometimes using someone else’s name which sometimes causes some serious misunderstanding. I thought the IRC room was controlled by CDFreaks Management/Admin group just like the website.


The #cdfreaks and #cdfreaks-int channels on IRC are not controlled by the management. It’s a place where people can talk freely. But, you’re right when you say that in #cdfreaks-int people shouldn’t talk in any other language than English. If they want to talk Dutch they should use #cdfreaks. About the Operator thing: everyone is free to give ops to anyone he wants. This is because, as said before, the IRC channels are not controlled by management. This is a result of low activity in these channels, although this has slightly changed in the last couple of days. Anyway, I am on IRC almost every day (during weekdays that is) and I’ll keep an eye on people who talk in other languages other than English.


I kicked them both out of the channel with as kickmessage this URL :wink:

Unfortunately we won’t be able to keep an eye on the chatrooms as we do on the forums but you can always kick the persons or complain here in case you disagree on things happening over there.


Thanks for making those clear. :slight_smile: (I once clicked the #cdfreaks by mistake and could notice the room’s for Dutch and #cdfreaks-int is for "international.)

I guess this is just a small problem as the IRC chat is attracting a lot more chatters from the Living Room forum than usual.


let me tell you - they’ll let you know if you go in the #cdfreaks channel and speak english.



Would it be a good idea to have it so the channels where called like “#cdfreaks-nl” for Dutch, and “#cdfreaks-en” for English?, that would make it clearer.

I don’t think its that big a deal, sometimes people talk in Dutch on the English channel in a joke way, when they are saying something they don’t want me to understand. I find a bigger problem (as Kenshin mentioned) is people using nicknames that rant there CDFreaks name, or anything to do with it, and changing them, this means I always have to do a whois on each person to see who they are when I connect to the channel.

Just remember the IRC it isnt official CDFreaks, its just a bit off fun.

Ben :slight_smile:


#cdfreaks-int is for INTernational chat. I think this is better than #cdfreaks-en. Until now we never had to think about this because there was too little traffic on these channels. Now, there are around 20 people in the channel, not nearly enough to any measurements methinks.


There is an unwritten rule, English talk in the International channel and Dutch in the Dutch channel.

If people speak Dutch in the International channel, you have a right to address it with the individual. As everyone has ops, you are also able to kick that person :wink:
If you do kick, do it with a smiley and refer to the fact English is required in the International channel…people should know and should behave (sometimes people talk Dutch for fun, so you can kick them out of fun too :wink: