ive found this site pretty popular and cuz its popular i think it needs a chat. questions are answered right there and its quite easier too help someone when chatting. also a CD Freakchat would be a fun place too hang instead of damn yahoo and msn.
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We have been present on IRC for quite some time…
How to get there has been discussed several times too…

There is even a page about it on our main site:

It never hurts to do a bit of research :wink:

Sorry i didnt research into it but i dont like that kinda stuff it reminds me of school (which is a bad place were they have imacs)
not that i dont like macs but we got a cruddy school netwerk:(

Originally posted by oVerCaffeinated
i didnt research into it but i dont like that kinda stuff

Unfortunately, this is a problem more people have…and I think that people already know that it annoys the heck out of me :wink:

For me there are two major reasons why people should do a little research (amongst of which is using the search on this forum) before asking a question:

[li]It will get you an answer to a lot of questions so much faster (that is your personal gain)
[/li][li]It shows that you have put in at least a bit of effort first (people are then usually inclined to help you sooner)

But to get back at the topic, I must warn you that on IRC it is mostly Dutch still, so don’t be scared when you can’t understand a thing, almost all people there can speak English too. And when enough non-Dutch people join we can make separate channels again, like we had in the beginning.