I would just like to say…thanks to the staff of CDFreaks for making me feel very welcome in the chat channel :bow: a place where i will deffo become a regular… keep up the good work guys…oops and gals :stuck_out_tongue:

What about the pics? :bigsmile:

pardon what pics lol

of your daughters…for me :wink:

now what kind of mum would i be if i was to show you there pics without there permission :wink:

A mom that may get a custom user title?

jsut give it me anyway :stuck_out_tongue: you know you want to it would suit me

What custom title are you giving her tax?

Today was the all time record of Chat activity…never seen this much action in the 5 years I am part of this channel.

This is the /names info of the channel at its current peak:

[23:53] 010212 [01#cdfreaks-int] names- 01@01WombleUk @01nOBeLium @01kalas @01Mr_Stone @01xtacydima @01Kus_Emmy @01AlexThyl @01Jan70 @01Code64K @01Norty @01DaTaxman @01dansmug @01wookbusy @01DSchneidr @01Da_Taxman @01Cdfreaks @01Dee-27
[23:53] 01
0212 [01#cdfreaks-int] users- 0117 total user(s)
[23:53] 010212* [01#cdfreaks-int] users- 0117 op(s) 01100%


new record:

[00:23] 010212 [01#cdfreaks-int] names- 01@01kalas @01BassNav @01Hairybed @01norty @01bcn_246 @01WombleUk @01nOBeLium @01Mr_Stone @01xtacydima @01Kus_Emmy @01AlexThyl @01Jan70 @01C64K-food @01DaTaxman @01dansmug @01wookbusy @01DSchneidr @01Da_Taxman @01Cdfreaks @01Dee-27
[00:23] 01
0212 [01#cdfreaks-int] users- 0120 total user(s)
[00:23] 010212* [01#cdfreaks-int] users- 0120 op(s) 01100%

Some people left, others joined:

[01:37] 010212 [01#cdfreaks-int] names- 01@01Debro @01OC-Freak @01cerberus @01Kus_Emmy @01nOBeLium @01WombleUk @01kalas @01Bazzzzzzz @01Airhead @01norty @01Mr_Stone @01xtacydima @01Jan70 @01C64K @01DaTaxman @01wookbusy @01DSchneidr @01Da_Taxman @01Dee-away @01Cdfreaks
[01:37] 01
0212 [01#cdfreaks-int] users- 0120 total user(s)

I feel proud to be part of the chat team :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard core chatter…

And hardcore something else…but not going to post that here :wink:

Hey i came to chat…when do I get a Title???

And what title would you like, little girl?
Come and sit on Santa’s knee.

*Tax can be the jolly bloke in the red suit :wink:

i learned a long time ago…don’t waste time working up the ladder…start at the top…so…you can’t entice me with your knee…nor candy…;)…i’ll just wait …Code or Tax will …give me a fitting title…

You’ve already tryed “working” your way to the top? :eek:
Well, you are doing well now … Senior Member already :wink:

yeah funny thing …it didn’t …post limit of 1 per day …under my name did it?

Of course, you understand, every user has a custom user title.
Tis customised to the number of posts :wink: