Chat help

Yes i know this will get moved somewhere…but maybe not before some can help me…

I keep getting restricted when i go to chat…
i unistalled everything…and reinstalled…by the way INVISION full build…is awesome…

anyway…it says…that i have the Gods message worm…
i scanned my drives for it…and didn’t find it…so…whats the deal…

What do you mean by ‘getting restricted’? You can’t connect to a server, for example ?

i get a +ir Error 484 :your connection is restricted

Try these servers, see if you have any luck:

(20:18:32) (-psyBNC) Server #1: port 6667
(20:18:33) (-psyBNC) Server #2: port 6667
(20:18:33) (-psyBNC) Server #3: port 6667
(20:18:33) (-psyBNC) Server #4: port 6667
(20:18:33) (-psyBNC) Server #5: port 6667
(20:18:33) (-psyBNC) Server #6: port 6667
(20:18:33) (-psyBNC) Server #7: port 6667
(20:18:33) (-psyBNC) Server #8: port 6667
(20:18:33) (-psyBNC) Server #9: port 6667

i’m trying that right now

God message worm is nasty, you need to remove it right now. A lot of spyware/antivirus apps wont see it, as its written in VB. This one does:

thanks…i’ve tried everything to get rid of it…

Apart from the God message worm, you may be getting restricted because you are connecting to a server which usually doesn’t allow connections from your IP range. For example, I live in Italy and if I try to connect to (North America) I get the +i flag. has lots of tools for removing a specific worm.

+i is the invisible flag…

It’s not a worm! if you have ANY kind of server software ftp, http that is the cause. Invision isn’t a virus scanner so when it sees those ports open it doesn’t know wtf is goin on and reports back that it’s a trojan. You should see my port scan window

11Current Ports in Use
1168 12:: 11bootpc
1180 12:: 11711 trojan (Seven Eleven) - AckCmd - Back End - Back Orifice 2000 Plug-Ins - Cafeini - CGI Backdoor - Executor - God Message - God Message Creator - Hooker - IISworm - MTX - NCX - Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor - RingZero - Seeker - WAN Remote - Web Server CT - WebDownloader
11113 12:: 11Normally Identd but could be Invisible Identd Deamon - Kazimas
11123 12:: 11Net Controller
11135 12:: 11Normally MS Netbios but could be Chode
111025 12:: 11Remote Storm
111045 12:: 11Rasmin
116060 12:: 11Invision 2.0 Default DCC Server Port
12============== 11Finished 12================
All because of server software nothing else.

Sorry, I meant +r: restricted connection.

Most (good) servers bans certain scripts by default. mIRC is evil smiles