Chat CD-R is best to kill someone with?

I am trying to kill people with CD-R’s and want to know which one does the best job. I notice some of the cheaper ones don’t go through the skin as easy, and some of the thicker ones actually aren’t sharp enough to cut a throat with one. I work for a large corporation that is hellbent on stopping everyone from backing up games so they have to dish out more cash on another original disc. Let me explain one story…This one kid, we’ll call him “Shawn”. Well, he copied one too many mp3’s so a mole at his ISP offered his address up to my company which then dispatched me to take care of this problem. I sliced his throat with an imation CD-R (16X) and left him to bleed to death next to his computer.

Morbid sense of humour…

Killing some1 for burning mp3s ?

Indeed morbid sense of humor…

Dang just break it in half and cut em then with the jagged edges

That is pretty morbid

yes, i think you’ve all proved now that you can use the word ‘morbid’ in a sentence, well done to all of you… :stuck_out_tongue: