Chassis fans



I am almost done with my new puter and need some advice on new fans. I am running a new Asus M2N-SLIDELUXE M/B and it has automatic fan control capability. The fans that came with my case only have two wires. I think that I need fans that have all three Red Yelllow and Black for the M/B to control them as far as speed. So I need to get 1 80mm and 1 120mm fan.

Thanks Brian…


This is a great fan Yate Loon 120mm

Petras tech shop has great prices and very good shipping options. Very reliable too.

They have a big selection of 80mm fans as well, but I don’t have any to reccomend Link


Good all-around 120x25mm fan: Panaflo 68.9 CFM 120mm fan w/ RPM sensor
Good all-around 80x25mm fan: Panaflo 39.6 CFM 80mm fan w/ RPM sensor

I’ll also use fans by Scythe and a few others, but I don’t think anyone’s offering a better fan than Panaflo. The CFM ratings are accurate in regular use, noise is low for the amount of air they push, and they pretty much last forever.