has anyone got chaser?
when i try to play it (using the original), the game starts, but once it pases the intro screens, my monitor temporarily goes blank, and i hear it ‘click’ and then the game menu appears.
however, at the game menu, i cannot do anything!
i can’t select any of the menu options, yet the game seems to be running fine, with sound and background animations working fine.
i also have a windows cursor! :confused:
the only way i can quit the game is by using ctrl+esc keys and then ctrl+alt+del to end task it!

i have win98se, hardware to meet min system requirements, retail box version: 1.40.
have tried downloading and installing the exe-installer from game’s website and seemed to reinstall the same version of the existing exe!

PS: does anyone know what protection it uses? :bow:
tried clonyxxl - unknown

you need to head over to their website tech support, especially if you are from the Australia. They have alot of problems with this game and just starting up. They have the fixes there.

problem solved! installed patch v1.47 and now it works! :bigsmile:

does anyone know what protection it is though?
have tried all sorts of protection detectors, but no luck!
have also looked at various websites that list protections, but the only site i found with chaser listed was here which lists the protection as being ‘SecuROM 4.84.76 + Trigger + SVKP’.

then, assuming that the game had securom new protection, i created a bwa file, but the image of the bwa was just a smooth curve, with no high density sectors. :confused:

Try this protection detector It’s new to me but it does a fantastic job

You got it m8, SecuROM new + SVKP and I believe Chaser is the one that has the ar.exe packed with Petite as well.

Chaser and Gothic II ticked me off (same protection here in the US). No matter what I did, couldn’t get a working backup, until … I went to the company’s website and d/l the “Install-Fix” which was supposedly only for UK users (load of bull). The Chaser fix they have there allowed me to install and run backups of both Chaser and Gothic II so I assume it will allow me to install any game with the SVKP protection atm. Unfortunately, I can’t add the company’s install fix to the CDs (which would have been more convenient) b/c when I do that, the backup is recognized as a copy again. :stuck_out_tongue:

SVKP protection
This is not a type of protection it is a a file encryption, nothing more. Backing this game is no more difficult than backing up any other, just follow your securom guides and instructions.

So you’ve said m8, but no matter what settings or burner I’ve used on Chaser, I get a message that a copy has been detected until I ran JoWood’s patch. Part of SVKP’s “encryption”, is that it modifies the data every time it is dumped, copy/pasted, moved etc. … so how to get the disc dumped w/o that happening then?