Chaser what protection

anybody know protection to chaser.i use clony but it does not seem to know either.when you start the game it pops up spinning disc just like securom4… but its not securom4…

it IS securom.

well if its securom what disc is it on.1or2.this edition i have is uk .on both my discs there is none of the 4 jagged segments.

Check this site:

A lot of people has problems even with the original, you could try to download the official patch.


Ive burned the german version of "Chaser" with BlindWrite though I still dont know what protection it uses. ClonyXXL didn`t show the protection to me, too, but by the help of the .BWa file my security copy runs fine. :slight_smile:

Greets Sebastian

Have you tried using ClonyXXL to scan the installed files?