ChartBox v1.0b MP3 download App

I just posted the article ChartBox v1.0b MP3 download App.

Submitted by: RoB |
Source: Chartbox

This program is the followup of the Dutch MP3 Top 40. I wanted to expand the program so I decided to make a complete new one. ChartBox…

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I kwon this is not made as a forum but the dutch forum doesn’t work so i ask it here does anybody know the serial of nero or has anybody a crack or keymaker?

look in


Thanks for posting my tool :wink:
This should make it a little more ‘popular’.


try for the Nero serial…

haha, this is a f*cking great program!!

I hope this program don’t get the same trouble as Napster!!

You’re right! A better d/l engine than Napster and verrry user friendly

The links don’t work properly. Can someone put this file on another server?

What is the differece with napster

What is the differece with napster

Works fine

And meanwhile Mr BlackFlash is making a lot of money.
When the program is started, it will first connect to some adclickx url’s. So everytime you use the program, money in the pocket.

No more charity ???

This app is GREAT!!!

He, we must thanks the autor of chartbox BlackFlash!

Wihout him we even dind’t land on the moon!

I am 100% sure we didn’t then éž

chart box is a good f#$king program it works for one 99% good