ChartBox v1.05 has been released



I just posted the article ChartBox v1.05 has been released….

Submitted by: MrBean

ChartBox v1.05 has been released, a pretty nice prog that lets you download songs from a couple of popular charts…

New in v1.05:


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I love this program. It always amazes me that someone would do this for the love of code / music. Years ago I purchased 45. r.p.m. records by going to the store & looking at the “Top 20” radio issued leaflet & then picking the record I wanted by the corresponding #. Back then getting the one song I liked for 79 cents was a thrill. This has brought that all back. The universal law: create a hole & it will be filled; take away the 45 r.p.m. & up pops Chartbox.


to find any audio on the internet . klik with right mouse button and select save target as.
rename the file to mp3 and ready .


R U Stupid Truus ? is only to be used with legal mp3’s and therefore it stinks ! i’d rather use Napster og ChartBox!


Just tried for the first time. Nice idea but CPU usage shoots up to 100% while downloading


Does ‘Erreur 404 - L’adresse que vous avez tapée n’existe pas’ mean that the download doesn’t exist?
Seems that way to me!


Actually, I had difficulties with the download as well. Both zip files downloaded as “corrupt zip files”-HOWEVER, all you have to do for a fix is choose “OPEN FILE FROM CURRENT LOCATION” when downloading. Obviously winzip will open & you can extract from that window. That’s how I did it. Hope it helps. Stva


link finally works. nice tool!


I works now doesnt it? And what the hell is wrong with the dates on this post?


Great! Dead links for the download!


download links work… just try again, i dunno why multimania screws up sometimes…


Has anybody got a mirror for the darn file or what ???