ChartBox v1.04 Released

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New Version of ChartBox released!!!

ChartBox v1.04

What’s new in v1.04?

  • Using a new server
  • You can now cancel a download…
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Nice piece of software, it doesnt have people cutting you off halfway through a download

Napster is still better though

die versie is er al een week ofzo

I love that software…

But how does it work ?
Is it possible to make our own server of something like that ?

Cause Napster is banned everywhere…
Gnutella is a hell of program and most of the time does´nt work…
Scour goes bankrupt…

We really need something.


Is this device available with an ATA as well as a serial ATA?

In this device is the front panel removable? I would like to insert it in a HTPC case?

samsung SH-S203B great recommendation great device I like it, its quick and does a great job :slight_smile:

Which are the differences between SH-S203B and SH-S203N? Which one includes the lightscribe function?

nice… now I’m getting 18x… can anyone tell me how to get it to do 20x, like it says. thanx… WAUSHAKA :slight_smile:

Hi WAUSHAKA, can you please confirm me that the tray front panel is removable so that I can insert the DVD player inside a media center case? Thanks, Sandro

I purchased this drive and installed it last night in my system built around the ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo. Installation was simple and my system (running XP Pro 32-bit) recognized the device on boot-up. Wonderful. I also burned four dvds (Fujifilm 16x DVD-R) without a hiccup. Have not tested with a DL dvd yet but will soon.

For my htpc I am looking for a nice and quiet drive under operation. Can anyone give some feedback on noiselevels on this drive?

I received the SE-S204 for Christmas. I’ve burned 2 DVD’s and 2 CD’s without a problem using HP Litescribe dvd’s and Verbatum litescribe cd’s. Picture quality is excellent and the unit is very quiet. (so far so good) :slight_smile:

I have order and waiting to get the SH-S202N. I was quite effected by this review and i did order it. But there is some info missing … what are the Versions of Nero that fully supports this drive ? Ver 7x and 8x .

dont buy samsung in fact never buy dvdr cd or cdrw made by samsung its low quality product. if you want to buy samsung its only lcd. they are the best its the worst burner ever produced. they have lots of problem like dvd tray sutckwed not burning ,high noise, techincal problem after a year or less they are dead . itss better to buy an LG dvdr burner good product and cheaper .

Attention: john gelhoosdd (guest) :r I have had 4 Samsung DVD Drives for the past 14 months. Burn about 600+ discs every year ( wedding vids) Uptil now only one had a problem ( cannot eject disc) They arnt as crap as you say they are :X Plus they are WAAAY cheaper. My last one was only $18 :S

Samsung use to be cheap as a item as cheap. Lower priced and better now in drives and LCD’s. It was LiteOn with me on drives and burners. Now I have Samsung SH-202N have it now is quite and works good fast a PATA Version. Getting a Samsung 22x version Sata burner coming soon or any day now and watching the review when up on sites. Have a new 24inch Samsung LCD they are the best. Samsung doing well at the present for me :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me where to purchase the RETAIL version of this Samsung SATA drive (SH-S203B with cables and software)? I would like to get two for my new build. My mobo (DFI LanParty DK P35-T2RS) has provisions for lots of SATA drives but looks like only one EIDE drive. Thanks…Bob

I bought qa SH-S203B yesterday and it had one minor flaw. Windows saw it as a hard drive. A firmware upgrade to SB04 resolved that now there are no delays as windows tries to reqad it’s contents. It rips large files at 12x and writes no name 16x blanks at 20x :stuck_out_tongue: I’m very happy with it :slight_smile: