ChartBox v1.03 Released

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ChartBox v1.03 Released

What’s new in v1.03?

  • Added proxy support for faster downloading
  • Fixed the 8-16KB so called MP3…
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Now some more stability, speed and durability of the MP3 files and this tool totally rocks…!

is this program anywhere near the level of napster?

They’re doing a Custom Chart,
it will be availble soon…

That will even more interresting…


LL07 is now available here

“We’re sorry, but there is no web page in this site that matches your entry. It is possible you typed the address incorrectly, or the page may no longer exist. You may wish to try one of the following methods, which we hope will help you find what you’re looking for:” Lite On only has LL06 On Site for Download.

Lite-On says the latest is dated 07/13/07 is 20LL0C. Link:
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I found this link on Lite-On’s site that might help out more… :X

Hi, I have this unit and it makes a whole lot of noise plus makes all computer vibrate, is this normal or the unit is defective? Thanks.

No-one ever seems to mention (when reviewing/describing a DVD drive) whether or not it has a digital audio output connector. Without such a connector (many drives don’t have it!), how do you listen to DTS surround with an external surround receiver?? Does the LH-20A1H have one?

This is NOT available in India, in fact POOR sells network here :frowning:

Yes, the LH-20A1H does have a digital audio output connector.

the lh-20a1h does sell in india. you can get it at nehru place if you live in delhi :B

I have purchased this drive and have nothing but good things to say. It even works with memorex media. It was a bit noisy but several addon insulators handled that issue. Happy with product. STEVE this is last firmware. 10.04.2008 :slight_smile: