ChartBox v1.02 released

I just posted the article ChartBox v1.02 released.

Submitted by: Superman

Fixed all songs in ChartBox and updated all charts. Released
ChartBox v1.02, older versions are disabled for several reasons.

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Makes a change for someone you dont know to be first to post. :wink:

As for ChartBox - quite good software, but I still prefer Napster, long live Napster!

I hope this release is a lot better, because the previous one sucked big time

Chartbox is 20x better than Napster. Why? No more “Transfer Error!” message!!!

Chartbox : 80 songs
Napster: 800.000 songs per server.

hmm which one is 20x better.

reply @ sampoo; FTPs, beat that with your silly numbers

Go Redneck !

I meant Way to go ofcourse.

Here you go again … this proggy is better than yours… no its this one… what the hell as long as you find what you are looking for this one is just another option which is great don’t you think???

Redneck, show me 1 FTP with 1.000 songs on it and that lasts for more than a week and without fucking ratio.

Redneck I use Newsgroups for my music!

Beat that with your FTP!

I don’t use Napster to often but it’s better than this Chartbox with its TOP40 lists. I only download FULL albums and I get puke-dendencies when I hear the word TOP40.