Charlie sheen won

It seems CHARLIE SHEENS battle with CBS.and WARNER is
almost over. He won. They caved and want him to return to his
show TWO and A HALF MEN. Do I think he’s anti-semitic?,
because of the battles with his boss?. No . If I thought so I
would be one of the first to throw him to the curb. I think he
has a big mouth[ but don’t we all sometimes.] Like they say
money talks,and you know the rest.

Crack dealers and porn stars are rejoicing around the country. Charlie will be back in classic form in no time and Charlie’s sitcom money will flow like water over Niagara Falls.

I am jealous as hell.

You have a point?, but now:sad: what’s going to
happen to his web-site?
lol. enjoy zap.:sad::bigsmile:

What make’s Charlie such a draw ,I don’t get it (money )I can’t stand the guy but I just sat through the program “soup” in order to watch something I was really wanting to see but had to wait for the order of the programs on my cable.Cable because that’s who I go through for my internet service,"Soup " did nothing but poke fun of the guy.and now his show want’s the dude back ,it ain’t the law suit that Charlie’s got that’s forcing them to hire him back is it.Or is it the draw from his fan’s go figure.I’m not going out of my way to watch him I just wish he wasn’t in my face.

Someone who is a complete crackhead and still manages to have a decent job deserves respect.

“Respect” just because he’s a smart ,spoiled rich guy -If I was a arrested as much as he has I’d been in jail for a long long time…

The reason Charlie is so good on 2&1/2 men is he just plays himself . What a gravy acting job when it doesn’t even require acting.
I don’t know about smart being a description of Charlie but I will go for spoiled rich guy.
I would add lucky too .

Charlie is like a two year old running with scalpel in his hand. Sooner, or later, something bad is going to happen.

They could always replace him with his brother,
EMILIO ESTEVES . I have always thought he was
a better actor.

Emilio seems to be beyond TV. He does a lot of production/directing and probably would see it as a PIA to do a sitcom. Now Charlie and Martin will do it and for $2 MILLION an episode they could video me getting sodomized every episode for that payday. That kind of money covers a lot of pain, suffering and embarrassment. :slight_smile:

In my books, Charlie Sheen has about the same value as Paris Hilton

I don’t know. Charlie has a certain entertainment value that Paris can’t touch. If you listen very closely to Charlie’s rants they have a lot of depth to them. He makes references that show a good bit of intelligence on a variety of topics. There is a logical flow to them also. You just have to be in-tune to with how his mind is working. Sometimes I wonder if he is actually playing a carefully thought out charade on everyone.

I started to watch Two & A Half Men the other week on Viva, and it seemed okay. Not good, not bad… Just, okay. Infact, it seemed a little too bland for my liking, as though it was just another one of those bland American sitcoms…

I gave up after about half an hour.

I think the success of Two & A Half Men says more about the current lack of quality network programming. I agree, the show isn’t anything to get too excited over. It pales in comparison to past iconic sitcoms like Seinfeld, MASH, Everybody Love Raymond etc. If it is at the top of the heap today, then the heap isn’t too high.