Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is the second movie I have tried to back up With 1Click DVD and it fails in the same way that Brothers Grim Fails… Has anyone have any luck burning this movie…

can you tell me what settings you had selected when trying to back this up,

Are you using the most recent up-to-date version 1Click DVD Copy and AnyDVD ? If you’re using DVD43, get rid of it and use only AnyDVD as it’s much better and more compatible with different copying programs. AnyDVD and 1Click DVD Copy compliment each other very well.

As in your Brother Grimm posting, loose DVD43.
This movie should back-up with regular 1Click and AnyDVD. I had no selections made and did the movie only.

Thanks for all the help
it was because I still had DVD43 installed… They worked fine…

thanks again