Charitable org needs advice to buy cd burner please

Hello again I am new to this forum and know nothing about CD’s but I have a problem I need to buy a top of the line CD burner for a new free school for kids, this will be part of our fundraising efforts. Can you please tell me what the best or the top of the line external CD burners are?

We have around $100 to spend and it took us ever so long to find out that MicroBoards and Rimage were top of the line for duplicators(they were far too expensive as towers, this is why we are going with the external CD burners)

I am scarred that it might take long to find the same answer here…If you can help that would be really great:)

PS we want top of the line because we don’t want to “burn” anyone with a bad CD no pun intended.

PSS I have serached articles and this forum for help

I think you’ll find that the manufacturers have all gone to dvd/cd burners in their external drives. I doubt you’d find just a cd burner. This isn’t a bad thing, they’ve just combined functions into one drive.

You won’t go wrong choosing one of the major manufacturers, like Lite-On, Samsung or LG. (Those are direct links to some models sold at Newegg)

It also helps to use good media. I’ve been burning Taiyo Yuden cds so long I haven’t got much experience with anything else that is available on the market, but I know the TY disks are top quality. You can find them online at places like and, assuming you are in the US. If not, I’m sure we have some members who can point you in the right direction for media.

Unless there is a problem fitting them in (or getting one cable each - IDE or spare SATA ports for SATA), I’d go with two internal ones fitted into the normal system box, using Nero to burn two at a time.

Maybe a cheap/donated PC could be set up as a burner station.

Thank you very very much for your help this helps us a lot it is almost 2:00AM and I am still working on finishing the project…time is so short you have been our Angel…your help with the link was super great :clap:

Thank you I like how you thin–k the importance of donations…we do try to conserve pennies… It would be nice to do internal drives…one of our PC’s runs on windows 95…it is a great computer I only mention the 95 for you to understand that our hardware on that PC probably would not work, we have a laptop but it has driver issues…but your thoughts were appreciated you are a kind soul :iagree: