Charging my laptop in my car

Hello, everyone.

I do estimates on the road from my HP Pavilion tx 1499.

I have been using a radioshack inverter 150 w. i was first using it in my mitsu eclipse 2000. I twas doing well for a while then i think it actually blew the auxilary port. So i purchased a new one and my mechanic put it in. now its fine. Th eport only worked when my car was plugged in.

So then I switch to a 2008 ford escape truck. Had no problems with that used it for 2 mnths, the port ran fine even when truck was off, matter a fact id leave it running even when i was on appt in the cust house.

Now i switched to a chevy impala 07. port runs when car is off. Only been doing this for a week and i smelled something burning up, inverter was really hot, fuse blew. So im like wtf, i pull the fuse and see the metal seperated. Its a little 20 amp yellow. So i pull an extra spare one plug it in and it blows right away.

Dont know what to do. the inverter is like 4-5 mnths old, but I know if i shoudl buy a new one. im pretty sure that its too much power for the fuse. 150 w inverter, can it run off a 20 amp? Doesn’t seem like it anymore.

The best thing to do is go to like brandsmart and have them run a dedicated fuse or amp, whatever and fix the problem, but im not going to be doing estimates on the road for much longer. prolly 2 weeks. Im looking for a temp solution. i think im gng to try it again. go out to the car with a fresh amp and turn car on and see if it blows.

Did i mention before i was running my comp, and gps in the same inverter the whole time in all the cars.

now i realize i shoud just run 1 at a time, but still don’t know if that will fix the solution.

thanks adam

Thanks, looking forward to adive

Look at it this way, 150 Watts @ 120 Volts is 1.25 Amps. 150 Watts @ 12 Volts is 12.5 Amps. The inverter isn’t going to be 100% efficient but a 20 Amp fuse would handle it fine even @ 62% efficiency. Most inverters @ load tend to be better than 80% efficient, so I’d say if a 20 Amp is blowing, your inverter is toast. I’d see if RadioShack will swap it out for you.

Ok so then it shoudl be fine, your right, I guess I shoudl go get a new one. You would think it would last more than 6 mnths, but i did leave ite running like all day.

Do think I should get the 75 watt one or thats just to much under power.

If I purchase the new inverter, do you think its alright to run my Garmin 4.3 inch at the same time with that? if no how about my G1 cellphone?

I have 3 aux ports, but looks like they run on the same amp.

I’d stick with 150 to 200 Watts. They are a little less eficient at smaller loads, but the closer you run one to full load, the hotter it gets…