Character Lenghts on CD

I have loads of MP3’s. and some with very long filenames that need to be cropped to fit on the CD. WHat I would like to know is is there a file system that will allow for me not to crop these file lengths because its a pain to rename these files after putting back on the system.

Thank you in advance. I use Nero

Use NTI CD Maker Professional which supports the Romeo file system, which can store longer filenames on a CD. I suppose these CDs are readable on Windows platform only.

hmm…there is a way to do it in NERO when you burn the mp3 on a data cd.

Try the search function in this forum;

Use RecordNOW MAX 4.1.

It allows 212 chars filename.

You can use 208 though b’coz the 4 chars are reserved for the “.” & 3 char extension.

I hope this is enough.


CDMate also allows recording in Romeo filesystem.

Don’t know why Nero & EZCD don’t support.