How to copy just one chapter


I would use DVDShrink for one of the easiest to use.
I have to qualify it you have to have already decrypted the source in most instances. The source also has to be DVD files or disk or DVD image.


I did give DVDShrink a test on a commercial DVD (A fairly new title).
It worked for that title without an extra decrypter like AnyDVD .
That won’t be the case for all commercial DVDS but it might be for your’s.

Since you didn’t post this is from a DVD .
If you have another type A/V file & can play .MP4 or .MKV files then VidCoder can also do chapter or timed clip rips.It can also do this from a DVD folder.
It won’t do this from a DVD with any encryption but does work with AnyDVD or did on the DVD I tested with.


You will need to use Ideal dvd ripper and select a format that you can playback. Ideal dvd copy can only do full disc or main movie


This thread was moved here because it’s a general copy question and not specifically about Ideal DVD copy.


My apologies for not noticing the question was originally in the Ideal sub-forum.
As olyteddy posted “it’s a general copy question” & I answered it that way.
I only have a license for Ideal DVD Copy . So I don’t have the correct Ideal software to do this & so I haven’t used it.

Just in case the OP or someone wanted to use Ideal software for this.
I went to the Ideal site & found this information:

This is their software they say will extract a chapter:

This is the guide:


THX Cholla for the info



You can do this easily either to a DVD or BD folder structure or to almost any MPEG-4 file type using either the Copy or Ripper modules in DVDFab. It allows a single chapter or a contiguous range. It works in Main Movie mode, so the free version will do it, if the registered version is not necessary for the decryption or it is already “clean”.


signals is correct DVDFab Copy (the free version) will make single or multiple chapter clips. I didn’t burn a copy but the folder played correctly in VLC Player.

I have the paid version of DVDFab Ripper & that’s what I used for this part of a test. It will convert to another format from a chapter or chapters also .
I don’t care for DVDFabs conversion to other formats. I always use a different converter depending on what format I’m working with. If you are satisfied with DVDFab’s converter use it.

So you can add DVDFab to the list.