Does DRM Pro allow me to remove all current chapters without affecting the video stream? I need to add in new chapter points onto the video (which I know how) but I can’t seem to remove the old chapters. Can this be done?

Brief history of my quest:-
The DVD I have is made my me before my old system crashed. I’m hoping to add new chapters to it and remove all existing ones. There’s only 1 PGC as it’s a full length video of a performance I did.

I can’t seem to remove the chapters(blocks) within the video. Everytime I try removing a block all it does is remove the entire video segment. I also tried removing just the chapters within Program Chains (Titles) but it’s not reflected in the VTS file. I still see the blocks. Am I doing something wrong?
Or did I get it all wrong. I can’t seem to find tutorial or guides with this.
Any help would be appreciated.

If you mean to just deleting chapter references without actually deleting the block along with it, go to the Titles pane, on the right window, expand the Title 1 node, you’ll see a list of chapters. Select a chapter you want to delete and hit the Del key. Every action you want to do is available in the context menu via right-clicking on the item.

Thanks toaddub!
That was what I did but I don’t see the blocks being updated as it’s still in individual segments the way it was before. If I insert chapters into the blocks it will then break it up into more blocks is that correct? Does the break in all the blocks denote chapter markers? Or is the program the one that makes moving between chapters possible?

Chapter references do not affect the blocks being updated. You can add/insert/delete chapters that points to the program. Any block that has a defining program can a chapter be created.

I don’t understand why you’re deleting the chapters and then recreate new ones. Are some of these new chapters supposed to reference somewhere in the blocks, not at the beginning of them?

Hi toaddub,

The chapters are at the wrong places. What’s the best way to do this?
According to the instructions I found. In order to insert chapters I’m suppose to split the blocks into different blocks and then add the program. I dont really understand what that does but doesnt that mean each block represents the chapter markings? Is it possible then to change the chapter points without spliting the blocks?

Sorry I may be confuse with this.

To put another way, to have a chapter point in the middle of a block, you have to scroll in the preview to the point where you want to create, split it and insert program in the created new cell below. Then insert/add a chapter referencing this program.

As for the wrong chapter points, you can either delete it or repoint it to the new program.

It’s that simple. Don’t overcomplicate things.

Thanks for your help. I understand the process of chapter creating and will do the necessary. The part confused me is actually the blocks I guess I should just ignore the old blocks when creating the new chapter points then.

One last thing… Is there a way I can view the video time (eg the run time from the beginning) instead of the block size which is displayed in Mb.

Just for me own knowledge.


Not at the moment. Only the total time of each block is displayed in the upper left corner of preview. However, the running Mb size, along with VOBU #, are displayed in the upper right corner of preview.