Chapters playing in wrong order

i recently changed to a liteon dh204h as my old nec finnaly packed up.

i was recently backing up some dvds (all i do is title only with dvd shrink) and burning them onto some new datawrite lightscribe discs dvd-r. (always used datawrite dvd-r and never had a problem so i got the datawrite lightscribe). anyway i have done 3 backups and when i try and play them in my dvd player (2 seperate ones tried) it just jumps into the middle of the film, maybe chapter 12 and starts there.
it reads the disc as if chapter 12 is at the start.

i tried jumping to the next chapter and that would be 11, then 10 then 9. from looking at the disc using scan chapter function it seems to be playing the whole disc backwards??? (well chapters backwards).

anyway thought i may have cocked it up or what ever being a new drive so i tried it in the pc drive and it plays perfectly.

ive been making backups for about 4-5 years and never had this kind of problem before, help me please!!

This seems a typical bad burned media issue. In my opinion the culprit is the disc, because Datawrite is a rather low quality disc.

Try this. Save the shrinked movie in your hard disk and check that chapters are playing correctly using any play software (I suggest VLC). If playback is good then this confirm that the culprit is the disc.

Another thing you can do is use your liteon drive to run a quality test on the datawrite discs using cd-dvd speed. This will give more information about the disc readability.

the thing is you guys always jump on bad media, as said ive been using datawrite for a very long time and the copy plays perfect in my pc dvd player just not standalones.

anyway for future reference its actually nero 8 that is causing it, ive gone down to 7.5 and its been absolutely fine, not a problem and done 4 disks this afternoon.

Can you please post a quality test of some of these datawrite discs? An old one and a recent one possibly.

I’m just curious :flower: