Chapters nightmare in Nerovision express 3

I’ve just spent many hours trying to make a dvd from some camcorder material. My problem is that the captures are in two big parts,but I want to make chapters within them. I carefully edited the movie cutting out unwanted part (via splitting,deleting) then painstakingly added chapters with the proper names. I saved it and then hit “next” but the chapters weren’t there, only the two original captures. When I tried to go back it asked if I wanted to save. I did again and then it just started over.I couldn’t get back to the page where I had made the chapters. After doing this 4 complete times I still can’t manually set the chapters. They disappear without a trace and it just burns the unedited and “unchapterized” version. Rather than do it a 5th time I decided :doh: it might be quicker to join this forum. Could someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks