Chapters invisible to CloneDVD2

I’m trying to backup a DVD which plays fine on all machines and the computer using most programs including WMP & WinDVD5 but when I try and just select the chapters I want to back up CloneDVD2 won’t let me (I’m sure it used to list them all part way through the set-up process) it just lists all 17 in one ‘lump’ then the audio and that’s it :eek:

What am I doing / not doing ?

clone dvd only “lists” the titlesets that are on the disc. you can select and deselect the titlesets to include…

the actual chapters within the main movie titleset can be cut out and split using the scissors icon then sliding the bar underneath the preview window to where you’d like to begin and end the backup.

“cut out and split using the scissors icon then sliding the bar underneath the preview window to where you’d like to begin and end the backup.”

Sorry, I’m being thick here - I’m not seeing those icons :o :o

Hold the front page - I’ve found them… but I can’t make anything happen with them? How do I select say 4 chapters that I want out of the 17 listed as a total?

here ya go

OK, got that bit, but what I’m missing is the list down the right hand side - mine just lists the whole DVD as 2 sections - 1 for the chapters (and it just says 17) and one for the audio?

slide the ends in.

say you want the middle 4 chapters. slide the left hand blue triangle in until teh start point you want then slide the right hand blue triangle in until you get the end point that you want.

after you have the desired selection click next.

all of this is included in the clonedvd help file if you need some more info

the example dvd i have in there is an episodie dvd with many different titlesets. you may have even more but more than likely you will have far fewer.

can you post a screenshot of what you’re talking about because i’m not understanding the confusion.

here’s a pic… hopefully!

yeah there’s nothing wrong with that. you’ve got the main movie title set selected. the second one is probably a special feature and the shorter title set is probably just previews.

in order to cut chapters you just click on the main movie title set (like you already have) then click on teh scissors and drag the bar. anything that’s deselected on the right hand side or outside the blue triangles within the title set you’re copying will not be included on your copy.

audio is integrated with the video in all cases. you’ve just got 3 title sets on that disc. you don’t have “one for video and one for audio” as you said.

looks ot me like you’re doing just fine

I’m getting there… I’ve managed to copy 1, but they are not together (i.e. not 3 - 7) so I guess I need to do them one at a time - but then the names are the same! Also the audio folder seems to be empty - is it all in the video folder, as it seems to play the first one OK?

the audio folder will be empty 99% of the time. for any video-dvd the audio is always integrated with the video. the audio folder is only used for audio dvds (and i’ve NEVER owned one so i wouldn’t even know what to do with it!)

andyes, if you’re copying non-consecutive chapters you will ahve to do them one at a time.

are you going to burn these chapters onto a dvd? if so, I think dvd shrink in reauthor mode would be a much better choice.

you can cut each chapter and insert it into your new compilation, then cut the original again and insert the second selection into the compilation(etc, etc for as many as you want). then you can back it up to the hard disk, as an iso, or burn your disc

Thanks for your time & assistance (and patience :slight_smile: )
I’m off to see if I can get them all together now… they are on the hard drive in different folders. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again

No, sorry… not got it yet :o

I downloaded DVD Shrink as you suggested but I just get the same as with CloneDVD2 - four perfectly edited files but I have to save them to different folders or they over-write each other (each one is called the same) and then I can’t put them back together to burn a new DVD :rolleyes:

What am I missing?

you load up the entire disc with shrink then click “reauthor”

there will be a browser on the right side of the screen and your new DVD compilation on the left side.

drag the main movie from the right side to the left. then you click the fourth button to the right of where it says “DVD COMPILATION” that has the arrows on it (this is the trim tool)

you then trim to the desired part.

that one titleset in your compilation is now only the chapter you’ve selected.

next you drag the whole main movie from the left to the right again and trim it up except select the next chapter you want to include this time.

continue to add the main movie titleset and trim each selection until you have all the ones you want to include then you can burn teh whole thing as a dvd.

the only downside to dvdshrink is that you can’t include menus. When you put your new reauthored dvd into your player, it will just begin with the first part that you’ve selected and play through.

when you drag the same title into the compilation over and over agian like you’re doing shrink automatically renames them (ie Title 1, Title 1 (2), Title 1 (3), etc…so you don’t run into the overwrite problem you were talking about)

you end up with something that looks like this:

Well thanks again :bow: just a quick post to let you know it worked, and my 4 chapters are now on one new disc & playing fine :iagree:

reasonsnotrules :clap: :clap: :clap:

haha glad i could help! i’m not the best at making myself clear sometimes so I’m glad you figured it out :slight_smile: