Chapters in (S)VCD with Nero?



Hi. I’m searching everywhere a solution, because last year I had a Win2K computer, I used VCDEasy and all was OK, this year I received from my job a WinXP without admin rights, and now VCDEasy tells me ‘you need admin rights to run VCDEasy’ and aborts when I try to run it.
I don’t know if new versions of VCDEasy avoid this problem, I tried v.1.1.7 and v.2.0.2 (also, it’s difficult for me to install a more recent version, too) and it doesn’t get better.
I read an old Afterdwan’s post about the possibility to split a whole (S)VCD movie into maky pieces (either by TMPGenc__MPEG Tools ___ Merge & Cut or using, during encoding Settings__Advanced___Select Range ___ [0—F1], [F1+2–F2], [F2+1—F3] and so on (this would be perfect, because in TMPGenc all ‘pieces’ can run in batch mode), where Fi are put in the wanted ‘chapters’ points, and using Nero to compile a (S)VCD , putting the consecutive pieces of the movie in the same CD-R [CD1a.MPG, CD1b.MPG, …CD1k.MPG; CD2a.MOG, CD2b.MPG … CD2w.MPG] being careful to keep a pause=0 between any piece, like on a “live” Audio CD.
This woud be perfect, because I own a registered version of Nero, and I could able to put a 0 pause between the tracks, on an Audio CD.
Is this process easily feasible or there’s a possibility to ‘hear’ the 0 pause between the tracks = the ‘chapters’ (Nero hasn’t a RAW writing mode, I hope this doesn’t spoil the ‘live’ recording)?
Can I burn the disk using TAO , must I use DAO or there’s no difference?


Probably this doesn’t interest you, I see that people like more making DVDs that (S)VCDs (even from lousy AVIs), but I read that the ‘0 pregap’ stuff belongs to DAO recording, and isn’t applicable with TAO.