Chapter Problem

I’ve already backed up about 30 films with this brilliant bit of software, but when i try to play the last 4 films i have done they always start around chapter 8. I have deleted the Ifo’s and created new one’s with Ifo Edit but this still doesn’t Help :frowning:

if it is your last four film’s have you changed your ripping software settings,if you are useing decrypter in file mode,used the default setting or just change to a new ripping software and see if that works

I have updated dvd decrypter which i’m using on default settings. i’ve just tried an earlier version of DC with the same results and also tried Smart Ripper with the same outcome.
To me the problem looks like the Video_ts.ifo DVD2One makes but i get the same problem if i use Ifo Edit.

it looks like that you need to reinstall dvd2one or you can make a new video_ts folder in a new partition of your hard drive, I have two partitions of 30gigs on my 60gig hard drive c & d. on my d drive all I have is my video_ts folder and audio_ts folder and I rip a dvd to this drive by default

It’s only taken two days to reinstall my PC after depending in F-Secure virus S/Ware. My PC was infested and my anti virus detected Nothing. Put everything back in and everythings fine now:D