Chapter cutting error msg

CloneDVD2 v2.094
Smartripper v2.41
HP DVD Writer 200i V1.72
WinXP Pro v2002 SP1
HP Pavilion Intel Pentium 4, 2.66GHz, 512 MB RAM

  1. I successfully ripped the movie to my hard drive with Smartripper.

  2. Using Copy DVD Titles, I cut Chapters 14-28 out so that I may get a 1:1 copy without transcoding.

  3. The screens verify copying Ch. 1-13.

  4. Everything looks good up till 21% processing then it bombs with the error message:

“Creation of DVD files was not successful.
Invalid block start code (PS 10 VOBU 4 900062 272 Clone 6 TCE)”

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I assume Smartripper made a mistake. Please try dvddecrypter or AnyDVD.

Olli, I’m really surprised you dont get these errors with your Pioneer 120S drive!

Mine cant read for love nor money! lol

As you’re reading, if you issue the commands to get the title key from another sector, it forgets where it is and the laser doesnt go back to the correct sector.

On the layer break, it also gets confused and you get pack header errors.

Maybe I just got a duff drive, I dunno, but I’ve had loads of people with 120S drives with the same problem. Of course my program is the only one that reports such errors which makes me look bad - but really its just that the drive is awful.

It must be bad error correction on the drives part. It thinks it has corrected the data in a sector and so doesnt actually error out, it just reports bogus info. Nice!


actually, I didn’t find “Pioneer 120S” mentioned in the original post. Yes, it is awful. And there are some other Pioneers as well (e.g., the Plextor DVD-ROM has this problem as well).

Using AnyDVD helps, as CloneDVD will retry several times if it receives bogus data, and the drive will (usually) reconsider and send the correct data (at least near the layer break).
Having ripped with Smartripper doesn’t help, as the error is already in the image.


Sorry, I realise the post wasnt about the Pioneer 120S specifically, but that’s the only drive I know of that constantly produces the ‘Pack Header Not Found’ errors in my program.
I assume my version of the error is roughly the same as your ‘Invalid block start code’ - i.e. where the sector doesnt start with 0x000001BA.

So basically I was just saying it’s probably the drive playing up and not the program - although clearly I’d like to see this person move over to DVD Decrypter (cough or AnyDVD) :wink: