Chapter 1 menu doesn't work

I use DVD Decrypter in File mode (default settings) to backup single layer discs and then burn all the resulting files using NTI CD&DVD-Maker 6.7 (by creating a DVD-Video and copying the files in the VIDEO_TS folder to the same folder in NTI).

The resulting copy will then play fine in software DVD players (PowerDVD) on my PC but on my stand-alone DVD player, the chapter 1 menu doesn’t work. It just reloads the chapter selection menu when I select chapter 1 to play. If I select any other chapter it goes straight to them (and I can then rewind to start of chapter 1).

If they are single layered discs. You could have used DVD Decrypter to burn them. Use it’s ISO image read and write mode.

Thanks, I shall try that.