Chapelle Show: Season 1 Uncensored DVD

wont burn with clonedvd, nero, or alcohol 120% :frowning:

works w/shrink…

I can’t burn this dang thing, I’ve tried everything, I’m great with computers but new to dvd creation, can’t find a way to make a backup of my Chapelle DVD. I’ve tried: CloneCD; CloneDVD; Roxio EMC 7; Nero 6; Alcohol 120% w/ no luck.

anyone been able to back this up? if so, help mee! :smiley:


Go get a program called DVD Shrink, tons of menus, and can compress an 8GB DVD to fit onto a 4.7GB DVD, it also removes copy protection, allows you to select the compression, and edit whatever is backed up. If you want the menus, only use the normal backup button, but you can edit the compression levels on the right pane. Re-Author mode is to edit it, but you wont have any menus. I just make my own via TMPGEnc DVD Author. DVD Shrink is free, and TMPGEnc DVD Author costs cash.

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was able to copy using dvd shrink and dvd shrink is freeware


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Chapelle show season does work with clonedvd by slysoft. you need to manually select the tracks and menus.