Chaos Computer Club calls to boycott the music industry

I just posted the article Chaos Computer Club calls to boycott the music industry.

Here we have another story about music industry issues. This time the German Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has called for a boycott of the music industry and their products as long as …

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Havent bought a cd in years, make it downloadable, non restricted and cheap and I will pay my money no problem there.

I don’t even know what a recordCD shop is…
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Nevermind the fact that the RIAA represents ganster rap that degrades women and promotes drugs. Janet jackson is doing strip shows at the super bowl, michael jackson is accused of stripping young boys, britany spears is dressing like a super slut. MTV becomes more pornographic everyday, and almost every rock band that ever existed had a heroin addiction. They sue little kids and seniors. Then call their own customers theives. Perhaps these things have something to do with the decline in music. Maybe people no longer wish to financially support this behavoir. It’s hard to belive that our own Governments can support an organization that supports this type of behavoir and stands idly by and continues to sign people like this, and promote them as super stars.

Bravo, chsbiking. Very well said.

chsbiking - I couldn’t have said it better!

chsbiking…you da man…:X