Channel 5 available FTA [UK Members]

Channel Five Is Free to Air (at least for now) on Eurobird/astra 2

29.2 east 12305H, 27500, 2/3, name 9343, vpid 0202h, apid 0296h, pmt 010fh, sid 247fh

Under channel Id 9343


I’m sure it’s on 28.2 degrees east.

Yep…gotta love fat fingers :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it looks like the channel is encrypted again. For some reason, my set-top box will not pick up that particular channel, only the settings for the other five region as shown in the TV snapshot below. ProgDVB took a few rescan’s of the transponder before it picked up the 2nd five (picked up the other channels on the transponder with the first scan) despite a fairly strong signal. However, it comes up as scrambled as shown in the channel property screenshot below: :rolleyes:

Looks like it was only on during the afternoon :frowning:

Here were the details from my Technomate Reciever:

Checked it again here’s the details:

Encryption (NDS)
12.304 H

VPID 0514
APID 0662
PPID 8190

My Skystar 2 failed even to pick it up :frowning: