Changing writing strategy?

Hi, i have buy some crap dvd-r scribbles from datawrite. I read that can be writed with better result if i change the writing strategy to infosmart, but how i can change it?

Using MediaCodeSpeedEdit, if your burner/firmware supports the program. Look at this thread for more info.

This might help but in general it wont, each disc will be different in quality to the next.

I have some mcc02rg20 scribbles. They burn the same with any strategy. But will refuse to burn if wopc is on.

thx for reply, for you wich is the better firmware for nec 3500 with this disk? the originl or 2 tg?

I have some fake MCC that is Infosmart, sounds like it is probably the same discs as shumy has. I changed my write strategy from MCC to Infosmart01 on my NEC 1300 and write quality was greatly improved.

NEC 1300 with original write strategy:

NEC 1300 with Infosmart write strategy:

So, at least on my NEC 1300, it made a big difference in burn quality when switching write strategies. On my Benq 1640 with the original MCC write strategy, it burned with almost the exact same PI/PO test as the NEC burn with the Infosmart strategy. I haven’t bothered changing the write strategy on the Benq 1640, I may not bother as the scans of these discs I’ve seen aren’t likely to get that much better than they already are with the NEC with Infosmart strategy… At least they are useable, if crappy. :Z

mmm maybe i will try change write strategy, is a safe things or i can break something?

It shouldn’t be any riskier than putting any other hacked firmware on your burner. That’s what most hacked firmwares do among other things, they replace one write strategy with another. MediaCodeSpeedEdit basically just allows you to decide what write strategies to change.

sorry if i bother you, i try to use thise program but i cant understand how work there is some tutorial?

Actually I’ve not really seen a walkthrough, I was a bit confused when I first tried it but it is actually pretty simple to use once you understand it.

You just start the program, go to ‘File’ then ‘load firmware’ and load the firmware for your burner that you would like to modify. Once it is loaded, scroll down to the MCC media code that you would like to change, double click on it, and a box will pop up with a list of write strategies you can use to replace it. Select Infosmart 01 or Infosmart 02, one may work better than the other but I’m using 01 as I think these are basically Infosmart01 discs. Then save the modified FW and install it on your burner.

The one confusing point, if you modify a hacked firmware such as Liggy and Dee’s, they may have already modified the write strategy for Infosmart to another write strategy. So you may actually be changing it to something besides Infosmart in that case. BUT the hacked FW, if it switched that particular write strategy, may be a better strategy for Infosmart discs anyway.

Sorry to sound confusing in the end there :doh:, just wanted to mention that if you modify a hacked FW.

What burner do you have, BTW? Is it a NEC 3500? Are you testing your discs with PI/PO quality tests like the tests I posted? If you aren’t testing the discs with a PI/PO test it is going to be more difficult to judge what difference the changes you make will have on the burn quality.

i have nec35000 i try to use nero dvd speed quality test but give me an error and i dont see id of the disk id, date and label in the upper right, speed test work but cant made work the quality test i see this

I had thought that you could do PI/PO testing on any NEC 3500 or newer drive, but I just did a search and it appears that it is only supported on 3520 drives and newer. You could always do transfer rate tests, but those don’t give as much an indication of the overall quality, although it will let you know if you have a very poor burn, if the burn is very poor you will get severe dips in the read speed and the test may not read the whole disc before failing.

As to what FW to use on the drive, I don’t know specifics of what the best choice would be for the 3500. I would just go for one of the newest releases from Liggy and Dee, I’m sure it will be good :D.