"Changing Writing Strategy" on an 812s...What does that MEAN?

Really? I just don’t know. What does it entail?


Read this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=97590 and this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=100190 and you should then understand it better.

For a short answer the firmware for your drive contains information on how a particular media (media code) should be written to. Sometimes using the information used for a different brand of media (media code) can give better results thus swapping 1 writing stategy for another may improve the quality of your burns.

All the info on how to do it, the results that other people have obtained are contained in the 2 threads previously mentioned.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Okay, so the whole write strategy thing are those tweaks applied on that radio button in the middle of the OP gui?

Okay now i get it. (if that’s all there is to it)

Not quite - the “Apply recommended DVD media tweaks” radio button sets about 1/2 dozen or so preset strategies that are felt to be better than the originals (sort of like programming all of the station presets on the radio in your car at once). These may or may not be the best for your particular drive.

However, it is possible for you to replace ANY strategy with ANY other strategy by double-clicking on a strategy from the main list and then selecting an alternative. That’s where the sticky thread “Changing write strategies (results thread)” at the top of the page comes in handy - you can see all of the alternative strategies that have worked for other people, and hand pick the one that works best for you.

OHH… I guess you’d never tell I was once in the infantry(Inability to read). Okay, so I can do what i want. Are there any dangers say, if i change a MCC01rG20 to a TY?

I too originally missed the double-click feature, so don’t feel too bad!

As far as doing what you want, that’s a bit debatable, since a strategy is broken down into three parts - a sub-strategy for the 4X section of the burn, a sub-strategy for the 6X section of the burn, and a sub-strategy for the 8X section of the burn. When a strategy is swapped, it’s fairly common for one of the sub-strategys to be sub-optimal and for the others to work fine.

I’m thinking that eventually Omnipatcher may allow for sub-strategy patching, although all of this would be unnecessary if Lite-On is able to release a firmware that emulates the one found in the BenQ 828 (Philips chipset), which uses a “walking OPC” technology to periodically pause the burn, sample the burn quality, and dynamically switch strategies - all while burning a disc (this technology is used for burning both DVD media and CD media). Although this slows down the burn slightly, It would appear that the BenQ drive can produce some of the cleanest KProbe scans going. See the BenQ forum in here for more detail on this, if you are interested.

As far as the danger is concerned, there are a few things to note:

  1. These strategy swaps are NOT sanctioned by Lite-On, so you’re basically on your own - you should probably consider these changes to be hobyist in nature. I’ve experimented with a few of them, and I got myself in a state once where an incompatible stragegy perpetually attempted to shift up from 4X to 6X, failed, and kept repeating the process over and over. I had to reboot to abort the burn and get out of this loop.

  2. A few have claimed that this change can damage the laser unit for some drives while others claim that this is nonsense and that the drives are all exactly the same (except for a minor enhancement in the D->A converter chip that allows for 8X -R capabilities in the 812/832 drives). Nobody knows for sure what the real truth is, except possibly Lite-On, and they’re not involved with any of this.

  3. If you damage your drive by doing this, then you should be prepared to replace it yourself since you’ve invalidated your warranty, and it’s ethically unfair to return it to Lite-On. However, the drive is pretty cheap, so replacement is probably not that much of an issue.

  4. A lot of people have already done a number of strategy swaps and have reported the more successful ones in the sticky “Changing write strategies (results thread)”. You should probably try these ones first.

  5. There seems to be a fair amount of hardware variance between drives, so strategies that work well for one drive may not work well for another drive - even if the drives are identical and even if they both have the same firmware isntalled. This would explain why the Lite-On programmers have such a hard time coming out with a firmware that works well in all drives. So you should use KProbe to measure your results and pick the strategy that works best for you.

Thank you. I now have a whole lot better understanding of this. I have been toloing around with this today. A cohort gave me about a dozen Ridata +R 4X(ricohjpnr01) discs which were giving really horrible scans. I tried one at a write strat for a ritek r03 i think and definitely saw some improvement. Iwill be carefully watching to see what others post (especially on memorex 4x +R discs[more readily available around town]) as i try to find that ONE solution to stick with.

Thanks to all who help us learn