Changing writing speeds

I own a PX-716a burner and I use Verbatim Datalife Plus Ultra-Speed CD-RW discs.
I would like to burn them @ 16x but I can only burn them @ 24x…
I use the latest firmware.
Is there a way to modify the firmware fe to change the write speed for certain mediacodes?
The discs are 16-24x.


The disc is 8x-24x, but Plextor drives only allow 24x write speed on such discs

Darn… They tend to skip in my Alpine carradio… :frowning:
I think it’s because they’re burned too fast…

Hmm, I think because CD-RW burn quality is never as good as CDRs.

How old is that radio? Do you have the manual and what does it say about being compatible with CD-R and -RW? -RWs have very characteristics when it comes to reflecting the reading laser. This may cause reading problems.

Also try doing a c1/c2-Scan of those discs with Plextools. It will give you a hint of burn-quality. What does Plextools say about the manufacturers of those discs (CD/DVD Info)? Is Mistubishi Chemicals the manufacturer? If yes those discs should work well @24x with your 716 (see link below).

Also how are you using those RWs? Are you always just ‘burning over’ the old content? If yes, try doing a full erase first and then burn the new content. That method has prooved to result in better quality. Look here for an example: and here for another one

Those are “better” but still not “good”. I’ve encountered unwanted C2 errors on many (if not all) CD-RW after few burns (or even new disc).

AFAIK there is no real standard for CD quality but we consider Average C1 errors of 2 and lower as “Excellent” and 10 and lower as “Good”. Average C1 errors above 10 or C2 error exist is “not good” or “poor” and can cause skipping on playback.

Yes, there is. C1 is supposed to stay below 220. As for C2 it must be 0 for audio.

That’s not true. :wink:

Verbatim CD-RW 8-12x (Mitsubishi Chemi. (type 3)), burnt 7 times.

That’s a good one Lord. You are lucky, my Verbatim Ultra Speed 32x only lasted 3 burns before showing C2 errors.

The C1 below 220 is an acceptable BLER error rate and not a written standard.

I just love my UltraSpeed Verbatims. Standards? We don’ need no steenking standards! :bigsmile:
Burned about 50 times.

Thx. :wink:
But perhaps I just bought the right discs? Slower could be better, so perhaps you should try those 8-12x?

The “Red Book” specification allows BLER up to 220 per second averaged over 10 seconds. So it’s very much a standard in writing and since that is the standard for audio CDs with one level of error correction less that Data-CDs it’s also a usable limit for Data CDs.

Other drives handle them better, but nothing compared to 24x CD-RW media