Changing write stratergies


I have done searches for info on this topic and can’t find any real info. I read alot of posts that mention changing write stratergies. I know that by using omnipatcher I can open a firmware and change the write speed of a particular blank DVD then flash my 1633 with the updated firmware but, I see posts where people have said they changed to a totally different media type stratergy. Am I missing something or is there a guide somewhere that explains this?

how about this
and this

It’s usually reckoned that the “3S” series drives do not tolerate enabling of higher speeds for media that has no higher speed strategy, that’s why there’s the other method of switching to another media code starategy, most often the next speed grade from the same make, or a good code that happens to work well.

Swapping to the strategy of a media you actual do use as well, is likely to confuse the learning process, as it will be combining the results for two different media, unless you can be confident the newer media is so similar that it’s the old formula regraded.