Changing write speeds - LG GCE-8483B and Nero

I have a HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8483B (made by LG) and I’m using Nero to burn.

My problem is the GCE-8483B will only let me choose 48x or MAX for a write speed. Roxio EasyCD Creator 5, however, will let me change the burn speed to whatever speed I choose. This is a big problem for me due to the number of CD-R discs I have that are slower than 48x and the number of image files I burn (bin/cue, etc.) that cannot be burned using Roxio.

Can someone tell me how to change the burn speed in Nero (CD Mate also will NOT allow the user to change the burn speed) or for the drive?

This drive is part of a Dell system. There are no firmware updates available by Dell or LG.

You must be kidding, with Nero, you don’t need to change speeds of the write speed. Nero will auto detect the write speed after detecting what the speed the CD-R Medial is. No user intervention is required. However, for those that are used to burning with Easy CD-Creator, you can choose a slower speed to burn from if it makes you happy knowing you can waste your valuable time waiting to burn at a slower speed. Changing the speed is easy, only a mouse click away in Nero. If I have to tell you where to find it, after fully knowing that this screen will automatically pop up during a “Copy Entire Disc” is chosen, then you do not belong sitting at your computer. I will say this one very important detail. Heed the warning of Nero, Uninstall ALL other Burning Software Prior to Installing Nero!!! You should never have any other CD Burning Software Installed on your hard drive at the same time Nero is installed. Conflicts could result.:bow:

I use NERO with the HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8483B with firmware B105 (made by LG) in a Dell Dimension 8250.

No he’s not kidding. I know there is an option in NERO where you should normally be able to change writing speed. The thing is, in our NERO we have that pull down menu, but only with one option: 48X.

So yes the pull down menu is there, but no we can’t change writing speed.
And it makes a difference if you choose to waist your valuable time with burning at slower speeds, especially for audio cd’s.

I’m still looking around for a solution to burn at different speeds, so if anyone has answers… I would be very thankful.


If you are able to hear the differences of slower burning of audio CD’s, I advise you to try Plextor Premium for your efforts. You will be surprised how good your copies sound when burnt with that device at 4x!

I also have this problem with my GCE-8483B on a Dell PC with a Nero Burning Rom. You can download a free registry patch from Nero called DynWrSpeed_off which will give you the option for choosing speeds from 1 to 48 but, no matter what speed I choose, the writer only writes at 48x. I’ve also tried RecordNow and MusicMatch, but they will also only burn at 48x. Dell and LG Electronics have no answer to this dilemma. I prefer to burn at slower speeds myself. Anyone have an answer???

If you guys think there is no difference in burning at different speeds, you are mistaken. Every burner has a sweet spot and the sweet spot varies with the media you are using. The sweet spot is almost never at the maximum speed of the burner. If you think about it, the faster you burn, the more prone to inaccuracy you will be. That is not to say that a given burner cannot produce a good CD at, say, 52x or 48x on a given CD - it probably can - but you can very likely produce a better CD with a longer-lasting burn and less errors at 24x or 32x. I have some cheap media that produce noticeably better burns at 16x than they do at full speed of 48.

If you don’t believe me, run Nero CD/DVD Speed on your burned discs and see for yourself. Fewer errors is always better unless time is of the essence, and even at 16x a CD only takes 5:00 to burn.

After wasting a lot of time with Dell tech support trying to get the GCE-8483B to burn at any speed other than 48x, I finally arranged to return the burner to Dell. You don’t want to deal with Dell tech support - ever. Don’t buy a Dell PC with this CD-RW installed. I bought a Plextor PX-W5224TA CD-RW packaged with Roxio 6 and my problems are solved. I’m burning away at 4x not 48x. Roxio might have worked with the GCE, but I wasn’t about to purchase the software to find out. The GCE-8483B CD-RW must be one of the things Neil Young bought prior to recording the song Piece Of Crap.

Or Nero Express sucks. The burner could be fine.

I have an LG burner and use Nero (full versions) and can burn at any speed from 8 to 48x.

LG burners are very good. I can’t knock Plextor, but I am very happy with my LG.

i updated the firmware v1.03 for the CD-RW drive which was intended for IBM computers (I have a dell 8400) but works fine with my CD-RW drive (GCE-8483B ). instead of just 48x , i can burn @ 8,12,16,24,32,40 and 48x speeds now.
here is the webpage i found the driver @
Direct download @

Just stumbled on the same prob with the same drive on an old Dell client at the office, thanks for this drift, it worked beatifully! :clap:

Thank you - just wasted two hours trying to get variable speed to work in a CDRW in a 8400 - I should have known better and come to this forum in the first place.

Thank you HALO_JINX :slight_smile:

I tryed the update with a Hl-dt-st Cdrw Gce-8483b and it succesfully updated but I am still unable to select a slower writing speed. Any ideas besides buying a new burner?

Slower than what speed, and why??

Slower speed than 48x which is the maximum allowed by the burner. I am not sure why but apparntley it has something to do with the firmware because a few people above seemed to have fixed the problem by installing the updated firmware for their burner.

You need for sure a newer burning software which supports other firmware features such as slower burning speeds.

I have Nero

I would update to anyway. :wink:

What exactly would I accomplish by updating nero? It seems to me that the problem is with the burner not the software. If you think about it the very old versions of nero probably didn’t support faster writing speeds than the standard at the time. I highly doubt as new versions come out that they don’t support slower write speeds. Until someone can help me figure this out I guess I am stuck burning at 48x.

Why do you think Nero is that often updated???

For the answer I will not give a prize.

All I know is when I first used nero maybe 4 or 5 years ago I first used a demo version where the burn speed was limited to 4x. Since then their software would have only accommodated higher speeds rather than lower. I believe the problem is in the burner and perhaps because the firmware update was meant for IBM it is possible that using it on other than IBM is hit and miss. It seemed to have worked for some people but yet it didn’t do anything for me.