Changing Volume Label of Image

I have a CD image made in CloneCD (CCD) format, with SafeDisk 2.8 protection, that apparently was somehow recorded with the default volume label “NEW”. Being anal, I want to change the volume label before I write the image.

Though the option exists in most packages to change the volume label when burning sets of files to CD, I can’t seem to find a way to change the volume label on an image.

I tried UltraISO, which will rename the volume label of the image and then rewrite the image, but since it doesn’t preserve the SafeDisk format, the new image is useless.

In Alcohol and CloneCD, none of the options allow you to change the volume label of a SafeDisk CD when burning a new image or CD.

Obviously, if the original image was copied with the volume label “NEW”, which I’m assuming was the default in the software, there must be an application that allows you to specify the volume name when creating an image from a SafeDisk protected CD…

I know this is trivial, but any help would be appreciated.


The volume label of a CloneCD image will always be that of the original cd of which it is an image. CloneCD does not, repeat not, change the volume label in making the image.

If the volume label of your image is “NEW” then that is the volume label of the original cd and must also be the volume label of the back-up copy burnt from the image for the copy to work.