Changing User Details

Hi there, I just about to give me really old computer away to a friend and I just wanted to know if there was a way to edit the registry so that my name does not come up eg Log Off XXX. The OS is WinME.

Any help would be appreciated, otherwise I’ll have to reformat and reinstall the OS.

chrome ;0)

Just do an F3 with regedit and nuke everything wih your name

Hi there Mr Belvedere, thanks for the tip. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I run Regedit and then when it asks to find XXXX, I type in the name and delete that entry??

It’s as simple as that?

chrome ;0)

Well , actually you are deleting keys that some programs might like to use (for authoring purposes). Maybe it’s better to replace your name with a dummy name (Anonymous or something).

Mind you that a lot of other programs (such as Outlook) also have your name , adress , etcetera.