Changing To M$ IDE Drivers From nVidia?

How do I do this? I want to switch to the Microsoft IDE Drivers. I have a GeForce FX 5200 graphics card and I think that’s what you guys meant by nVidia. See my problem is my LiteOn 411s can’t write over 2x when it should be able to write on 4x. Since I’m writing on a IMATION DVD-R. And the max speed for DVD-R on the drive is 4x. So anyways, please help.:slight_smile:

The Microsoft IDE drivers are part of the motherboard driver set, not the video drivers.

What kind of motherboard do you have? Manufacturer and model number. If it is a board that uses the chipsets made by Nvidia, you might be using the Nvidia version of the ide drivers, and so you could switch over to the Microsoft version. All that is assuming you are using Windows of some sort.

Your Nvidia video card has nothing to do with it.

Your problem may be that your dvd drive is operating in PIO mode instead of Ultra DMA. Go to Control Panel - System - Device Manager - IDE ATA/Atapi Controllers - Primary IDE (or Secondary depending on which one you have the drive on) - Advanced Settings

This should tell you if you are using DMA or if it is in PIO mode.

These steps work to find out that info on my AMD based system—not sure that they work exactly the same for the Intel based systems.

Or your imation discs are only rated at 2x speed.